HIFU Non-Surgical Face Lift



Hifu Non-Surgical Face Lift, an advanced cosmetic technology that makes you feel almost forever young in just one session. Hifu Non surgical Facelift has become one of the most sought after non-surgical face lift treatments, with its high intensity focused ultrasound technology it’s fast becoming an alternative to botox and fillers. HIFU is a non-invasive ultrasonic facial treatment that lifts and rejuvenates the face and neck skin toning and redefining the face contours.

It can treat a variety of face areas such as sagging cheeks, neck, fatty jowls, eyebrow arch, double chin, and nasolabial area to smooth lines and wrinkles. After 3 sessions it achieves 70-80% same effect as a surgical facelift.

Treatments include:

  • Full face

  • Full face and neck

  • Full eye treatment

  • Jawline

  • Eyebrow lift

With only 1 session of Hifu you can see the lifting effect and results are permanent.

The first session is called the impact phase- The full treatment recommended to get the best possible face-lifting result takes 3 sessions over 3 months one session every month.

Free consultation and finance options available.

How the Hifu Natural Facelift works

The new Hifu device works without the need for surgery and uses ultrasound technology to treat a variety of skin flaws. We will select the most suitable program to obtain the best possible results for your skin problem. The ultrasound induces an improvement in lines and wrinkle associated with a Dermo-lifting effect.

The regenerated skin will start producing more collagen and elastin thanks to the strong dermal tissue toning action promoted by the non surgical face lift device. Facial expression muscles that lose toning such as the sides of the mouth, over time are lifted rejuvenated and firmed, making you feel much younger.The full effect takes 2-3 months for the new collagen to form in the skin. The results are long lasting and patients can resume their normal activities as soon as they finish the session.

Stage 1 – Lift

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is the latest clinically proven technology for face lifting and the improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles in one single session.

Stage 2 & 3– Tighten

Focus Fractional Radio Frequency utilizes three or more poles to penetrate the skin and deliver the radio-frequency energy underneath, providing skin-tightening.


  • Skin Laxity

  • Heavy Jowls

  • Jawline to tighten and lift

  • Collagen & Elastin Loss – Face, Neck & Body

  • Blurred Neck Contours

  • Post Baby Belly


Factors that can affect treatment responses include:

SKIN LAXITY: Amount of excess, loose skin on face and body

VOLUME: Degree and distribution of fat

SKIN QUALITY: Extent of lines, wrinkles, crepiness and/or sun damage

AGE: 20-30s, 40-60s, 70s and up

LIFESTYLE/HEALTH: Smoker or nonsmoker; nature of health issues (minor, chronic or none)


HIFU Cost per area - starts from $550

  • Throat & Neck Lift - $850

  • Chin & Jawline Lift - $550

  • Cheek Lift - $850

  • Eye & Forehead Lift - $850

  • Full Face & Neck Lift - $1499

  • Full Face - $1250

  • Body Areas - $850 per area

Launch Offer - Full Face & Neck Lift $1499 * Only available for the first 20 sold

(Includes two skin tightening treatments valued at $698)

For more information on whether this would be a good option for you, please email tracey@blushbeauty.co.nz. Before any HIFU treatment is performed, a thorough consultation is required.


(Redeemable on any HIFU treatment).

The before and After images below are using the same machine. Once we have our own before and after we will replace these photos. We have only had the machine for a month, and results take 12 weeks to be visible. Both these photos are after 12 weeks and they also had two Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatments to amplify the results.

b2 (1).jpg