LED Light Therapy

Each colour has a different wavelength and reaches different depths within the skin.

Our machine is Australian made and has four different lights available - Violet, Blue, Red and Green. It has nine pre programmed polychromatic treatments using 3-4 different colours helping to treat different concerns in one treatment.

We really cannot recommend our LED light highly enough, in the last four years it has strengthened and cleared many compromised skins.

The Red light stimulates the fibroblast cells which are in the collagen building industry within the skin, and collagen is also responsible for our skins hydration levels.  By increasing collagen production fine lines and wrinkles become less apparent. The Red therefore is GREAT for rejuvination / antiaging and optimal hydration.

The Green light is predominantly calming and soothing. It is great for reducing redness within the skin as well as oxygenating the skin. This colour is also used when treating pigmentation in the skin.

The Violet light is for an oily skin and is primarily used for it's antibacterial action on the skin. This light attacks the acne causing bacteria PP-9 so is incorporated into a treatment plan for acne and breakouts.

The Blue light is used for relaxation is great for depression and jetlag. It relaxes the facial muscles whilst helping our skin cells to talk to each other enabling better communication resulting in our skin being more efficient.

LED is a safe neutral light within the light spectrum. It only feels slightly warm on the skin so is relaxing and pleasant to have.

See below for our LED Light Therapy promotion which is running until September 30th.



single LED light treatment 30 mins $66.50

Frightened of facials? Skin freaks out at the sight of mere water?
We know you’re not joking when you say ‘everything makes me react’. Fortunately, we are experts in sensitive skin, bringing a soft touch approach to gently build your skins defences. We utilise our LED light therapy to help kick start the healing process from within. Excellent for rosacea, inflamed acne and all kinds of redness.

LED added onto a facial treatment, 20 mins $41 

The LED light turns any facial into the ultimate facial as it is reaching and stimulating deep within the skin where our hands simply cannot reach. The most important thing is to allow an extra 20 minutes.

Course of 8 LED treatments or as a cure, $420

It is recommended that you visit 3x per week for the first 2 weeks and then 2x on the last week. Maintenance of your results will be with an LED light therapy treatment 4 weekly. Full results from your course of treatments will be seen in 12 weeks.

LED 12 week unlimited membership, $599

If you are struggling with breakouts, depression or really want to help aging skin this is a deal for you. LED is best teamed up with peels and microdermabrasion as the light penetrates better on an exfoliated skin. BUT you can easily add in a peel or microdermabrasion here and there on your journey to happier healthier skin. 

* Treatments must be scheduled so the LED machine is available.