photo facials

full face 60 mins - $250.00

decolletage 45 mins - $250.00

hands 30 mins - $99.00

Our IPL machine works on red veins and pigmentation. A full consultation is needed to tailor a specific treatment plan for you. (Our IPL consultations are complimentary. Talk to your therapist about your concerns. Photo rejuvenation gives fast reduction of sun damage and capillary issues and rejuvenates skin at the deepest level.

IPL for hair reduction

Imagine throwing away your razor and ripping up your waxing appointment card! Swimming at a moments notice, throwing on a skirt or singlet without a second thought! This is what IPL can achieve for you. A full consultation is required to establish whether you are a good candidate, then we look at the area to be treated and work out a treatment plan and associated costs. Different hair follicles are growing at different times so you’ll need a series of treatments to get your result and maintenance treatments depending on the area to be treated.