No Skincare Belongs On The Internet

When you’re unwell, would you buy antibiotics from the internet? If you had trouble breathing, would you hop on google to look for an asthma inhaler? Or if you daughter’s temperature rose, would you go online to find out how to bring the temperature down and buy whatever is recommended?


No you wouldn’t. Why not? Because it’s dangerous. Because you have no idea what is wrong in the first place, let alone risk purchasing the wrong thing and making the situation worse, possibly, dangerously worse. You would definitely seek the help of a doctor who knows what they’re doing and is trained to give you the right response and direct you to a safe and desirable outcome.


If I asked this question 20 years ago, this would have been a silly and unrelated analogy but today it is NOT! Effective, results driven skincare cannot be purchased willy nilly. Effective skincare that actually does something; clears acne, clears pigmentation, defies ageing, needs to be recommended based on YOUR specific needs. All skins, all conditions are different and require a different recommendation to address what is needed. Plus there are so many more factors to take into consideration; age, diet, gut health, lifestyle habits which make finding the right skincare even more complicated.

No product in isolation will address a skin challenge. It requires careful analysis and combination. Even with a great range, the right cleanser with the wrong serum, can be counterproductive, resulting in you taking two steps forward (with the right range) and then one step backward (with the wrong combo).


The untrained person won’t know this. Can’t know this. 

The right skincare range would not risk this happening and so the right skincare ranges, are not available on the internet for sale (like dresses, coffee, kitchen gadgets are) for consumers to self-prescribe. And if it is, then you would have no idea how to make the right choices, know which products are right for you at the time (skin changes all the time) so this is what will more than likely happen if you purchase skincare from the internet:

(1) You risk a skin reaction that may not be reversed and if it can be, will take considerable time and considerable discomfort
(2) You’ll waste your money. Just because it says it contains Vitamin C, doesn’t mean it will work. The amount of Vitamin C in the product may be miniscule, too miniscule to make a difference. Or the molecule will be so large that it cannot go anywhere but sit on the surface of your skin, treating the dead skin cells there that will fall off any minute!

(3) Pay peanuts, get monkeys. A skincare product that costs $20 is too expensive if it doesn’t do anything. Any skincare range that is cheap spends its money on packaging, advertising, marketing (which costs millions of dollars). Effective skincare ranges that contain the right ingredients with the right formulations spend their money on research, clinical studies and the best ingredients, formulated in the most effective way (which also costs millions of dollars). Which one do you think you should go for?

My advice? Only invest in effective skincare ranges (cosmeceuticals) recommended by professionals who have spent hundreds of hours studying the skin, it’s functions and best skin outcomes. You can only find these professionals in skin clinics and beauty salons that focus on skin.  


These people are not on the internet because they know it’s all about individual needs, personal skin conditions, skin concerns, lifestyle habits and so much more. Good skincare routines can be made up of 5 products plus and requires a tailored made ‘prescription’ and that cannot be achieved with the push of a button.

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