Busy Is Not Always Better...

So when you are working hard, eating well and exercising on a regular basis you should feel good right?

Well yes that is true, however you also need to listen to your body, otherwise it may just slow down and put out.

A few years ago, I stepped out of the salon due to a bit of a mini breakdown, and it was only due to having a fantastic team of therapists that I was able to do that. Believe me when I say it took a while before I was back to my best self. It is because of this and being a post-natal depression survivor that I feel quite in tune with my body. Do I ignore the signs – hell yes all the time. What happens? I fall flat on my face, there is the odd tantrum and a few tears!

As I am writing this I feel sad that I cancelled my gym class this morning, but my body is doing a happy dance. I did do something though, I grabbed my laptop and yoga mat and did a 10 minute yoga routine with Adrienne. (If you google yoga with Adrienne she has a free YouTube channel which is fantastic.)

My body was ecstatic, and the yoga felt so good that I added in a few more stretches at the end.

You see I have gone from working hands on from time to time when a therapist was sick - to working full time as a therapist plus doing all the business bits on top of that. The load is starting to get a little heavy but there is an end in sight. I actually adore the hands-on part, but when you have staff to mentor and manage, marketing to do as well as all the boring bits, you can become a bit below average at everything.

My body has been trying to tell me it is suffering from exhaustion for a week now, so I will resume my gym classes on in a couple of days and stay away from Danishes and the licorice logs (My current vices).

How does this relate to my skin- My skin is crappy. It is quite frankly dull, a little spotty and a bit shit really. Thanks to my product selection and my dedication to the cause it’s looking a lot better.

So, the message for today- look after yourself. Even if it’s sitting quietly having a cup of tea practice some quiet time. Give yourself a little love. If you have been eating rubbish, don’t be hard on yourself, instead simply try to be better -  day by day hour by hour.